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Article: What Inspired Me To Create a Baby Journal

What Inspired Me To Create a Baby Journal

What Inspired Me To Create a Baby Journal

There's this really special group of us out there. It's not a group that everyone wants to be in, and if we had a choice we would not be members. But we are, and that makes us special, and strong.

It's the group "mums without mums". I sadly lost my mum at the end of 2018 after an 18 month battle with lung cancer. It beat her in the end, it bloody beat all of us.

Those 18 months were the hardest of my life (even harder than the months since her passing). From the moment she was diagnosed my life was absolutely consumed thinking about what life would be like without a mum. Without a nanna for my girls. I had already lost my dad 9 years earlier, so the thought of having no parents was simply unfathomable. 

Every time I spoke to mum, saw mum, messaged mum....I couldn't help but imagine not being able to do those things. I was horribly saddened thinking about my girls not growing up with their Nanna, would Lola even remember her (she was just shy of 3 when she passed away). Evie and mum were so close, Evie would sleep over there at least once a week, and we would FaceTime mum several times a day, every day.

One of the things that haunted me the most about not having a parent around, was my legacy. Did I know enough stuff about my childhood, would I remember all the stories I had been told? What about if I had a question I wanted to ask, who would I ask? And then those thoughts would shift away from my childhood, and switch to my daughters. What would happen if something ever happened to me? Have I left them with stories/anecdotes/thoughts/memories in writing for them to cherish forever?

My mum did very well in that area, I grew up with a fully completed baby book, as well as  a school years journal! I remember growing up and reading through my baby book with my mum - and as my daughter Evie started sleeping over at mums house, she would read the same book with her nanna every night!

So this is where the idea of My Tiny Story came from. I started jotting down ideas and prompts for the book. Every thing and anything I wanted to save for my girls. I made sure there were heaps of pages devoted to mum AND dad, and their childhoods. Because, who didn't love hearing stories of their parents when they were kids?!

There's even a page to record your favourite family recipe.

So much thought has gone into this book, and it has been created from the heart.

Start recording all those special memories before they start to fade, you will be SO thankful that you did.


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Tips on how to successfully complete a Baby Journal

Tips on how to successfully complete a Baby Journal

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