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Article: Tips on how to successfully complete a Baby Journal

Tips on how to successfully complete a Baby Journal

Tips on how to successfully complete a Baby Journal

So if you’re anything like me, you’ve had a baby and time is passing by way too quickly (although those nights are feeling awfully long at times!).

You’re begging for time to slow down, and trying to soak up every precious moment with your seemingly growing-by-the-second newborn.

You’re probably fretting over forgetting some of these beautiful moments, and wishing you could bottle them up so you can look back on this time in years to come.

You’ve heard about Baby Journals, and you’ve even seen them all over Instagram, but hey, you have a newborn (or pregnant - so either way probably living a life of sleepless uncomfortable nights) so even though you would LOVE to fill out a journal, you’re questioning how you would possibly find the time? 

Sound familiar?

Well, I am about to give you some tips on how to best fill out your baby journal so you don’t end up with a 4 year old and regrets that you never did get around to filling out that journal!


Why complete a My Tiny Story Baby Journal

  1. Even though we are living in a digital world, and you have 5 trillion photos on your iPhone of your pregnancy/newborn/4 year old, there is NOTHING like the handwritten notes that come from the heart.
  2. You will look back on your baby journal over the years and it will take you back to the very moment you completed that page.
  3. Speaking from experience, your child will absolutely cherish their journal. My mum thankfully completed one for me, and not only do I love it, my 2 daughters are also amazed by it.
Time saving tips to complete your baby journal:

Above all else, our baby journal comes full of prompts. What does this mean? 

Well instead of sitting down in front of a completely empty book, scratching your head on what to write and where to start, our baby journal features loads of prompts (questions) that you simply need to answer. This will get your mind ticking and you won’t be sat their trying to think about what’s happened of late!

  1. Pop a monthly reminder in your phone for each month for when you're due to complete the last months information in the journal. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself by giving yourself one day of each month (baby’s birth date) to fill in the last months details. Relax about this, the dates don’t have to be SPOT ON. Mark out a few days in your calendar so you get daily reminders - if you’re busy or tired one day, know you have other days to do this.
  2. Keep your baby journal in sight. Don’t put it away where you won’t see it. You’re likely to forget about it if you do this. Leave it out somewhere that you’ll see it everyday. I always kept my baby journal on the bookshelf in my daughter's room, so every time i did a nappy change I would see it!
  3. Don’t give yourself all the responsibility, if Dad is around, educate him on why it’s important to you to keep this journal and that he is welcome to also grab it and write down special memories of his own!
  4. If all else fails and you don’t have the time or desire to complete everything for the month at the time, still go ahead and complete what you can. You’ll be surprised what further memories those few notes will trigger when you come back to it later on. Just make a start!


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